2019/20 Annual Subscriptions  (valid to 28 February 2020)

Annual Subscriptions


Corporate Memberships

Lifestyle Membership

Social Membership

Additional compulsory ancillary charges also apply:
  • Competition Fees - $180 (men) & $130 (ladies)
  • Golf Victoria Affiliation Fees - $75 (men & ladies)
  • Golf Insurance - $35
  • Locker Fee - $30 (optional)
  • Club Storage - $190+ (optional)
  • Hospitality Levy - $200 (invoiced 1st September each year)

Recommended Lease Fee for non shareholder - $150  Note - junior members have playing rights without the requirement of purchasing or leasing a share.  As a further service to members, the Club provides an option to establish a debit account for food and beverage (hospitality account) and likewise for the Pro Shop.

Payment Methods

Annual subscriptions may be paid either by:

    1. One payment annually
    2. Two payments 
    3. Four payments
    4. Twelve Payments 

All subscriptions can either be paid by cash, cheque, credit card, direct debit and direct credit into the Club's bank account. A 5% admin fee will apply to the remaining balance.

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